Ideas in motion:


We are young professionals with a common mission: to promote a new way of experiencing the mountains. The Dolomites area offers a wealth of exciting and picturesque opportunities and we want to share a concentrated glimpse of sports activities, culture, Ladin traditions and excellent cuisine with those of you who are looking for an active and memorable vacation outdoors.


We founded Holimites in 2000 and it quickly has become a point of reference for those who plan on spending their holidays into the Dolomites.


A natural result of combining professional experience, love of sports and new technologies was to launch Click2Book, a simple and fast reservations platform that allows visitors to plan, organize, and manage customized vacations in detail. The site was designed to centralize accommodations, Alpine guides, ski instructors, and other services in one convenient place. The project was a success and earned us the prestigious SMGMarketingAward in 2002.


In 2003, Holimites became the official tour operator of one of international cyclings major events: the Maratona dles Dolomites. With our centralized reservations platform, once the packages for the event are offered for sale, we can easily manage and distribute the reservations for more than 1,500 participants in a little over a week.


In subsequent years, we have teamed up with committed and competitive partners who have contributed to Holimites success by proposing new options every year that improve our services and broaden our excursion and vacation package offerings. Our work continues today with the most gratifying goal in mind: making your vacation in the Dolomites truly enjoyable and unforgettable!



Who we are


Andrea Irsara HolimitesAndrea Irsara, born in 1974, founder.

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He’s one of the lucky human beings: he’s doing what he’s always loved to do. As a child Andrea used to spend hours watching his grandmother and dad in the kitchen of their family-run hotel (the Gran Ander); today he’s one of its managers. He spent a few years as an apprentice in several top flight restaurants and – understandably so – is proud to count Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV in Montecarlo among these.
When he’s given the chance, he hops on a bike or on a pair of skis – depending on the season.

His Holimites motto is: there is strength in numbers!








Igor Tavella HolimitesIgor Tavella, born in 1976, founder.

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Raised within the walls of the Ustaria Posta Hotel, he claims that working on site is the best training he’s ever had. Igor quickly learned the family tradition of hospitality management and willingly accepted the commitment and hard work the tourism industry requires, while keeping his feet firmly on the pedals. He inherited the love of cycling from his father and between Baby Giro (Giro d’Italia Baby), cyclo-cross championships and mountain bike world cups, the times he’s been on the podium and in important competitions amount to quite an impressive number.

His Holimites motto is: passion has no boundaries!











Oskar Irsara HolimitesOskar Irsara, born in 1977, founder.

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Following professional experience working as an employee in various hotels, he became an integral part of the staff at the Pension Gardenazza, a guest-house run by his family. The Dolomite pastures and woods have always held a great attraction for Oskar, either covered with pristine snow or as stunning landscape flashing behind him on his two-wheeled rides. He participated in a few Gran Fondo cycling competitions with respectable results, but you’re more likely to see him riding hot on the wheels of Igor along the roads of Val Badia.

His motto for Holimites is: the secret to success is the sum of all our “outside” experiences – plus friendship! 









Giorgia Rizzo HolimitesGiorgia Rizzo, born in 1983, general secretary.



Unlike the rest of the Holimites team, she wasn’t born in the Dolomites, but often spent her vacations here with her parents and regularly said that when she grew up she would become a ski instructor. When she got older, Giorgia in fact passed the exams to become an instructor, but in the meantime she had to prepare her university exams. After she earned her degree in Environmental and Tourism Economics and Management, she chose Alta Badia as her next stop over Edinburgh and Paris because she had spent some months here.
Besides snow-covered slopes, she loves clay –she’s a ranked tennis player – and she runs for relaxation.

Her Holimites motto is: don’t stop believing and never give up!









Astrid Kostner HolimitesAstrid Kostner, born in 1985, outgoing manager.



Born and raised in Corvara, she couldn’t wait to leave the wee walls of the valley to roam the roads of world. So, when she came of age, she took flight and went to university in Milan, then in Padua, to finally settle for a few months of work in Valencia.


However, her traipsing years made her realize that Dorothy had it right after all: “There is no place like home.” And, after a bit more work experience outside of Val Badia, she clicked her red heels and headed back to her beloved mountains, landing a spot on the Holimites team.


Her greatest love is skiing, the sport which she has competed professionally for 14 years.