The Dolomites

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Where we are


If you want to find Val Badia on an atlas, you first need to find Italy – something rather easy to do since it has that peculiar boot shape smack in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Look in the North, just farther up from Venice and Belluno, a bit left from Cortina d’Ampezzo – there! That’s exactly where Val Badia is!


Not much of a help? Well, then, just take a look at the map on the side here and click to zoom in directly on Google maps.

A closer look at Val Badia

Val Badia is one of the four Ladin valleys that branch off from the heart of the Dolomites – the Sella Passo GardenaMassif – stretching in all four cardinal directions. Of these four valleys, Val Badia is the longest and the one farthest north. The area’s main access point is slightly south of the village of St. Lorenzen (San Lorenzo di Sebato), located in the center of the Puster Valley (Val Pusteria), not too far from the town of Bruneck.


The valley is easily accessible through the Dolomite passes in summer and in winter, although winter tires are highly recommended for safe transportation along the snow-covered mountain roads in winter.




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