The Dolomites

Three small ... porcini mushrooms. ©Werner Pescosta

Local products


Following the booming tourist market in recent decades, almost all farmers in Val Badia have left their fields where potatoes, barley, rye, wheat, buckwheat, cabbage, fava beans and peas once grew, in order to devote their time to more profitable tourist activities. Today it is rare to find farmers who farm the land the traditional way.

Nevertheless, there are farmers who raise animals for meat, eggs, milk, butter and cheese. These quality products appear on the tables of holiday farms and mountain huts or alms, as well as well-managed Bed & Breakfasts and hotels – for the contentment of guests who take pleasure in eating genuine, local products.

Beekeepers also produce high-quality mountain honey that can be found in various stores in the valley or directly at the farm. There are some who dabble in the production of grappa (grape-based pomace brandy), using mountain plants and roots. The flavor is excellent and often aids digestion.

Herbal teas prepared by farmers and housewives, marmalades made with wild blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, and wild finferli and porcini mushrooms can be found at local farmer’s markets.



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