Guided tour

starting 1.690,00 €

per person

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Guided tour 2018

July 21st to 28th


  • approx. 115 km (71 miles)
  • approx. +6.500 m (21300 feet) e.g.; -7.000 m (23000 feet) e.l.
  • 5 stages


  • Organization of all the logistics that includes the bookings in all huts/hotels
  • Accommodation with half board (breakfast and dinner)
  • Lunch in mountain huts (starter or main dish)
  • Non-alcoholic drinks during meals
  • Assigned guides will a accompany running groups from the date of arrival to the date of departure. 
  • Baggage transfers from hut to hut
  • Venice Airport roundtrip transfer
  • Special Holimites Trail Running souvenir




  • Beverages and anything not mentioned under the heading "Included in the price"
  • Cancellation insurance


  • Extra days: 80,00 euro per person and day
  • Single accomodation: 100,00 euro (only available in hotels and not in huts)
  • Roundtrip transfer from the airport (prices will be calculated based on the arrival and departure airport). Contact us with your travel details for an accurate estimate
  • July / mid season:  +75,00 euro per person
  • August/ high season: +115,00 euro per person


Upon request, we’ll organize this trail running offer specifically for you during your requested dates. Write to us  and we will send you a customized offer.

Trail Running
Alta Via 2

From hut to hut on the Dolomites Altavia 2


A new challenge awaits you. With the great success of Alta Via 1, we've prepared another fabulous trail running adventure for all of you running fans. The Alta Via 2 is about 115 km (71 miles) and covers over 6.500 meters (21300 feet) elevation gain throughout 5 running stages.

Guides will accompany you from Passo delle Erbe to Col di Prà. Each evening you'll be hosted in a comfortable hut where you can relish some authentic, delicious Italian meals. Your baggage will also be transferred for you daily by Holimites so you are free to run with minimal weight and worry. Let Holimites amaze you one more time. We promise you a truly unforgettable holiday in the Dolomites.


 Length 7 nights

 Level °°°°°


Saturday: Arrival day. Meet and Greet in Badia and briefing by one of our guides immediately following dinner. Overnight stay in a Hotel

Sunday: Warm up run, visiting the most panoramic spots of Alta Badia. Dinner and overnight stay in the booked Hotel

Monday: 1st Stage approx. 24,5 km (15,2 miles) with +1.600 m

(5250 feet) e. g.; -1.400 m (4600 feet) e.l. Transfer to the Erbe Pass and begin trail running. We will end the run at the Gardena Pass. Dinner and overnight stay in a Hut

Tuesday: 2nd  Stage approx. 27,5 km (17 miles) with +1.350 m

(4400 feet) e. g.; -1.450 m (4800 feet) e.l. From Gardena Pass to Fedaia Pass. Dinner and overnight stay in a Hut

Wednesday: 3rd Stage approx. 18,5 km (11,5 miles) with +1.250 m

(4100 feet) e. g.; -1.300 m (4270 feet) e.l. From the Fedaia Pass to San Pellegrino. Dinner and overnight stay in a Hut

Thursday: 4th Stage approx. 26 km (16 miles) with +1.650 m

(5400 feet) e. g.; -1.050 m (3450 feet) e.l. From the San Pellegrino to the Pale di San Martino. Dinner and overnight stay in a Hut

Friday: 5th Stage approx. 18,5 km (11,5 miles) with +150 m

(490 feet) e. g.; -1.850 m (6100 feet) e.l. From Pale di San Martino to Col di Prà. Transfer back to Alta Badia. Dinner and overnight stay in the booked Hotel

Saturday: Departure

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Trail Running?
Rather than a discipline, TrailRunning is a philosophy. Moving through mountain terrain unencumbered by weight and as an athlete, one experiences the mountains as a visitor looking outward as well as an athlete looking inside of oneself. Trail Running allows for new opportunities in contact with nature, away from noise and lets the runner experience their sport at a special level.


Do we have to be able to run uninterrupted to participate?

Participating in a group trail run requires having to keep up a certain pace in order to finish the scheduled stages. If your legs are shutting down or your physical preparedness is constraining the rest of the group to slow down and making group compatibility problematic, your Guide may decide you need to tone down, leaving the pack. Your alternatives in this case are:

a) to shuttle throughout the day on the service van, each day, to the next hut or

b) to take a shuttle 'bump up' to the last hotel, where you can finish your vacation doing some great day runs.

With a lot of years of of experience with groups on the Alta Via 2 we have a little statistics on the running abilities of every runner. If you run a marathon under 3 hours you are able to run on average 70% of each stage; 3 to 3,5 hours = 50%; 3,5 to 4,5 hours= 40%


I have some Issues with elevation, is that a problem?
The runs each day are between 1.500 and 2.300 meters altitude (between 4,900 and 7,500 feet). In addition, the huts for the overnight stays are above 2100 meters (6,900 feet). If you have trouble with high elevations, please consult a doctor or medical professional for their expert opinion before booking this trip.


Is training necessary?
Yes, for the Alta Via 2, it is absolutely necessary to be well trained. We suggest training 4 times per week for 10 to 15 km (6 to 10 miles) on unpaved ground.


Which one is the most difficult program offerd by Holimites?

Alta Via 2 is considered to be the most difficult program offered by Holimites due to the length of the stages and the difference in altitude covered. If you've never been trail running in the Dolomites, we suggest you begin with our program "Best of Alta Via 1&2" or Alta Via #1 offer.


I'm in a good shape, have trained and can run the stages. Are the stages well marked?

For security reasons you can't outrun the whole group and wait at the end point. But you also don't need to keep the pace of the group if you want to run faster. Our head guide will tell you day by day until which intersection you can run alone and then wait, or run back to join again the group.


What specific clothing do you recommend?
For trail running, we suggest you always carry a light hydration pack with a few layers such as a light insulation jacket, gloves and a hat. Also, keep in mind that the weather in the mountains can quickly change. We suggest packing some warmer and comfortable clothing as well which can be left in your bag that we that we will transfer for you from hut to hut. 
Note: In some huts, bags are transported via a cableway and thus there are some weight restrictions. If this case pertains to your group, your guide will give clear instructions on acceptable baggage weight which depends on the number of participants in your group.


I want do to a self-guided trekkint. Are the trails well marked?

Yes, the trails are well marked, but it‘s important to pay attention and be sure to stay on the correct path. During the briefing a local guide will explain you every stage exactly.


The programs on the catalog don‘t match my expectations. Are there alternative offers?

On request, Holimites can customize a program for you. Is the tour too long or the stages to challenging? Do you prefer a different itinerary? Would you like to book some extra days to relax in the hotel or on a mountain hut? Just send us a request and we will do our best to meet your needs.


Should I expect to climb a Via Ferrata?

Our standard programs don't include a Via Ferrata. But gladly we can organize one for you with a certified IFMGA-UIAGM Alpine Guide. There is the opportunity to do the Via Ferrata during a stage or you can add an extra day at the beginning or at the end of your tour.


Overnight stay on the mountain huts...

You will be surprised of how lovely our mountain huts are. However, they have to be considered a rifugio in the mountains and not a hotel. So you won’t find all the luxury features you find in the towns.

In the huts there are blankets and pillows. We suggest to bring sleeping bags inlay with you.

All hotels and huts are well informed about dietary restrictions, like gluten or lactose intolerance. Everywhere you will find a vegetarian or vegan alternative.

Not all huts accept credit cards. So we suggest to bring some cash with you, to pay drinks, snacks or extras which are not included in the offer.


What about having lunch in the mountains?

For lunch you can stop in one of the huts to taste some traditional food or you have the possibility to buy a lunch package in the hut where you overnight.