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Trailrunning AV1"Now you wouldn't believe me if I told you, but I could run like the wind blows. From that day on, if I was ever going somewhere, I was running!"
Forrest Gump


Trail running is more than a sport, it's a life philosophy. It's like going back to our origins; just think that men have always run...and mountain paths are perfect just for that!

Trail running means moving along them, enjoying the wonderful scenery of the Dolomites free of any negative thoughts; a unique mountain's way of life which will give you tremendous satisfaction in close contact with nature. Above all, it will leave an indelible memory in the minds of those who have lived it.

The Dolomites are considered an ideal destination for lovers of this lifestyle, an ideal union because of its wide range of trails which extend across the vast area of these amazing mountains.



Outside Travel Award 2014While running or walking, you'll pass through terrain unlike you've ever seen before. Let Holimites do all the work! You'll be accompanied by our guides from hut to hut where you'll spend the nights and enjoy delicious, traditional meals without the concern of reservations or moving your belongings. Your bags will be transferred daily by Holimites so you can run or walk with minimal weight; allowing you to just think of RUNNING, Relaxing & Rejuvenating your mind!!! 





Holimites Trail Running tours resume:

Trailrunning AV2

  •  A 5-stage run or quick-pace jog for 87 kilometers with over 6,000 m of climbing on the Dolomites’ Alta Via #1.

  • Trail Running on the Dolomites’ Alta Via #2 is a challenge made for mountain trail runner lovers. The 5-stage tour covers 115
    km with over 6,000 m of gain.

  • Trail Running The besto of Alta Via #1 & #2
    If trail running on either Alta Via #1 or #2 of the Dolomites doesn’t seem challenging enough, then this is the tour made for you: a unique program that combines the best of both Alta Vias.

  • Trail Running Dolomites traverse
    The Holimites Trail Running itinerary combines the most impressive and the most famous Dolomite locations all in one East-to-West traverse.

  • Trail Running Sellaronda
    This is the ideal program for runners who want to discover the best of the Dolomites in just a few days – this running adventure tackles the legendary Sellaronda in 2 days.





Calendar Trail Running summer 2018:


  Alta Via #1     
Alta Via #2     

Best of AV1 & AV2

Dolomites Traverse 

June 17th to 24th    



July 6th to 13th  Yes   YesYXR  

July 13th to 21st       Yes

July 21st to 28th   Yes    

July 28th to August 4th      Yes  

August 28th to September 4th  Yes    

September 7th to 14th        Yes


For the given dates signed with an X all our groups are full. If available, it is possible to switch to another program in the desired period of time. Or write us an E-mail telling what kind of program you would like to get in. This way we will put you on a waiting-list in case we get cancellations or changes.



YogaxrunnersYXR - The special yogaXrunners weeksPracticing yoga with the Dolomites in the background

In July you can do daily Yoga with special guest Tite Togni, a certified IYENGAR® Yoga instructor. Tite is an ultrarunner with notable events such as the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and Lavaredo Ultra Trail on her resume.




For groups of 5 people or more, we'll also organize the above trail running programs on other dates.
For further information, do not hesitate to contact us!






Pictures from past trail runs:

2015 || Dolomites Trailrunning by Holimites