Trekking AV1The philosopher Nietzsche said:
“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking ”

but in the frenzy of our times is this still possible?

The answer is: in some places you still can ... especially in those places where you live amongst breathtaking scenery and the silence of nature.

Our Dolomites are, for sure, one of these sacred places left and the best way to live them deeply is through a nice trekking trip. Trekking allows you to experience the Dolomites at 360 degrees and at your own pace through walking trails and visiting fantastic places like theFanes-Sennes-Braies or Puez-Odle Natural Park, Lagazuoi area,Alta Badia and many other places of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage site.


We, at Holimites, grew up in Alta Badia, surrounded by such views and we know every trail in great detail. This is the main reason why we want our guests to discover them the way we know them. We encourage you to walk on the famous Alta Via 1 and many other fantastic routes in the Dolomites where we can offer you a customized tour based on the duration of your stay, your abilities and your desires.

Trekking AV2Here’s an outline of our offers:

  • The Alta Via #2, it is the High Route 1’s sister route reveals equally spectacular scenery along a 115 

    km itinerant trek of 8 stages

    Read the details of the programm
  • Dolomites Deluxe - An innovative trekking experience with a moderate grading, for those of you who - once you've reached the top - prefer to pass on the mountain hut and go for the refined comforts of a fancy hotel.



Calendar Trekking summer 2017: 

You can find here the detailed summer calendar for our guided Trekking programs on the Dolomites trails. Please note that all the Dolomites Alta Via Trekkings are available also as self-guided program during the whole summer. 


  Alta Via #1     
Alta Via #2     

Best of AV1 & AV2

Dolomites Deluxe

Dolomites Traverse

June 17th to 24th       Yes    

July 6th to 13th - Classic

July 5th to 13th - Exclusive



July 05th to 15th Yes        

July 13th to 22nd    Yes      

July 13th to 20th Yes

July 29th to August 5th      Yes    

August 26th to September 2nd Yes

August 30th to September 9th  Yes        

September 2nd to 9th      Yes    

September 9th to 16th       Yes  

For the given dates signed with an X all our groups are full. If available, it is possible to switch to another program in the desired period of time. Or write us an E-mail telling what kind of trekking you would like to get in. This way we will put you on a waiting-list in case we get cancellations or changes.




Customized guided or non-guided trekking tours, traveling from hut to hut, or with overnight stays in the same accommodation we can accommodate all of your wishes. Send us an e-mail with your dream trekking tour to receive your personalized offer.


Whatever you choose, Holimites will take care of your entire trip and all of the logistics. Every night, you will stay in comfortable huts in the Dolomites. You will be given detailed maps of your routes; and for self-guided treks, one of our local guides will be available on the first evening to explain the stages of your adventure in detail! You’re gonna LOVE it!!!


With Holimites, you’ll have a wonderful, memorable experience in close contact with the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage site where your only task will be to walk, relax and enjoy the stunning panoramas of the Dolomites.