The dogma that a road bike can only be used on asphalt is over!


04th September 2021


min. 6 nights



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5000 meters of gain/loss in just over 120 km. A happenchance idea that evolved thanks to photographer Jered Gruber. An event for a select few.

If you’d rather not push your bicycle, get covered with mud or suffer a steep downhill off-road trail – yeah, you read it right: “downhill” – then don’t even consider joining!



Duration: min. 6 nights

Level °°°°°+


*Susceptible to change

Arrival in Alta Badia by 01st September

First days dedicated to discovering the Dolomites’ lesser-known roads with a taster of dirt tracks

04th September: #YOLOmites5000 [route]


05th September: light excursion post #YOLOmites5000 or hiking excursion or a via ferrata

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why is the #YOLOmites5000 by invitation only?
This isn’t a race. It’s an event among friends who help each other out if there’s a problem and wait for the group at specific points of the tour. Therefore, only people who appreciate the spirit of this event are invited.


I would like to participate. How can I get invited?
If you have a friend who has participated in a past edition of the #YOLOmites5000, they can vouch for you. They can invite up to 2 friends to each edition. They are the ones who can say “#YOLOmites5000 is right for you” and can explain what is expected and what awaits you.

Is the entire event on a road bike?
Even though some past participants have used cyclocross bikes (not a gravel bike), the #YOLOmites5000 tour can be easily done on a road bike. Of the 120 km, only 25 km are dirt tracks. The longest dirt track climb is 9 km, while the longest downhill dirt track portion is 2.5 km.
In any event, we recommend 25” tires, even better if they’re tubeless with a ratio of 34x32.


What if I can’t finish?
Well then, instead of a #YOLOmites5000 you’ll do a #YOLOmites4000, 3000 or 2000. No one is forced to finish the entire tour. But, we’re strongly against participants who try to hold back the rest of the group if it wants to continue on the adventure. Riders must know their own limits and know when to throw in the towel before exhaustion sets in.


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