Trekking Alta Via 2 - soft version

11 days from hut to hut on the Dolomites Alta Via 2


24.07 - 05.08




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It is true that the Alta Via #2 on the Dolomites is one of the most challenging hikes organized by Holimites. However, we have created a soft version of the same program. In this way, it is accessible to everyone... to all those who are used to walk in the mountains, but who want to avoid long stages and an important difference in altitude.

Starting from the Puez Odle Natural Park, the itinerary leads southwards, crossing the great Dolomite groups of the Sella Massif, the Marmolada Glacier and the Pale of San Martino. The tour ends in San Martino di Castrozza, an elegant and picturesque town at the foot of the majestic Pale of San Martino.

Length 12 nights

Level °°°°


Arrival in Alta Badia: Meet and Greet in the hotel, and briefing by one of our Holimites trail experts. Dinner and overnight stay in the hotel.

1st day: approx. 13,5 km (8,5 miles) with +1.300 m (4270 feet) elevation gain; -350 m (1150 feet) elevatio loss

From Badia to Longiarù, a typical and characteristic mountain village, we continue under the walls of Mount Putia to the Forcella del Putia, and then to Genova hut. Dinner and overnight stay in the hut.

2nd  day: approx. 12 km (11,8 miles) with +900 m (2952 feet) e. g.; -720 m (2362 feet) e.l.

After breakfast we walk towards the Forcella dla Roa, passing through the pastures above the village of Longiarù. Along the way we can admire the splendid panorama of Puez and Odle. We are immersed in the Natural Park Puez-Odle, an area of great geological and floristic interest. Dinner and overnight stay in a hut.

3rd day: approx. 10 km (6,2 miles) with +780 m (2559 feet) e. g.; -670 m (2198 feet) e.l.

From the heart of the Natural Park we continue south along the alta via. This area is known for its typical lunar landscape. After a few ups and downs, we reach Passo Gardena.
From the pass, we climb up the path of Val Setus. The last part of the ascent is more challenging and technical (equipped path). We continue our walk towards south and arrive in the heart of the Sella Group. Dinner and overnight in the hut.

(If you prefer to avoid the technical part, we can propose an alternative route on an easier path. In this case, the tour will be extended by 1 day/night.)

4th day: approx. 8 km (5 miles) with +515 m (1690 feet) e. g.; -865 m (2838 feet) e.l.

Leaving the hut behind, we cross the Sella Plateau and reach Passo Pordoi. Dinner and overnight stay in a hut.

5th day: approx. 8 km (5 miles) with +360 m (1181 feet)  e. g.; -550 m (1804 feet) e.l.

From the pass we ascend to Sass Becé. Here begins the "Viel del Pan" path, from where we can admire a breathtaking panorama on the queen of the Dolomites: the Marmolada, and at her feet the beautiful Fedaia Lake. The stage will end right by the lake. Dinner and overnight stay in a hut.

6th day: approx. 11,5 km (7,1 miles) with +560 m (1837 feet)  e. g.; -580 m (1903 feet) e.l.

From the Fedaia pass we descend towards Val di Fassa and go around the Marmolada Massif to west. From Pent de Giaveish we follow the signs for Alba to take then the path to Val Contrin. Dinner and overnight stay in a hut.

7th day: approx. 7,6 km (4,7 miles) with +670 m (2198 feet)  e. g.; -720 m (2362 feet) e.l.

Walking south on rocky ground, we reach the Passo delle Girelle. Going down on the other side over a scree field, we arrive directly to the hut. Dinner and overnight stay in a hut.

8th day: approx. 9,5 km (5,9 miles) with +410 meters (1345 feet)  e. g.; -340 m (1115 feet) e.l.

Walking on the grassy meadows of San Pellegrino ski area we reach the altitude from where we can admire the view on the Pelmo, Civetta and Tofane mountains. The day ends at Passo Valles. Dinner and overnight stay in a hut.

9th day: approx. 8,5 km (5,3 miles) with +440 meters (1443 feet)  e. g.; -410 m (1345 feet) e.l.

After breakfast we go up towards Forcella di Venegia, and we are already in the Pale of San Martino Natural Park. We continue to Passo Rolle. Dinner and overnight stay in a hut.


10th day: approx. 8,5 km (5,3 miles) with +900 meters (2952 feet)  e. g.; -410 m (1345 feet) e.l.

Starting from Passo Rolle, we walk in the presence of the elegant and majestic coral mountains, the Pale di San Martino to the hut, at an altitude of 2581m. Dinner and overnight stay in a hut.

11th day: approx. 10,5 km (5,3 miles) with +260 meters (853 feet)  e. g.; -1.360 m (4462 feet) e.l.

From the hut we continue for about 3.5 km on the Alta Via #2, and descend then the steep path towards San Martino di Castrozza, an elegant and picturesque village at the foot of the majestic Pale di San Martino. Dinner and overnight in the hotel.

12th day: Departure


1st day: ca. 6,5 km (4 miles) / +930 m (3050 feet) e.g.

Transfer from Badia to Bressanone, a small city full of history and art. Don't miss a short visit to the city center before starting the tour. From Bressanone, we hike uphill through green meadows and vineyards to the village of San Andrea. With the cable car we ascend to the Plose mountain. This is the proper starting point of the Alta Via #2. We follow the trail and soon we reach our first hut. Dinner and overnight stay in a hut.


2nd day: ca. 13,5 km (8,4 miles) / +540 m (1770 feet) e. g.; -680 m (2230 feet) e.l.

We cross the Plose ski resort and ascend to the Forcella del Putia to reach the Natural Park Puez Odle. Dinner and overnight stay in a hut.


After the first 2 PLUS-days, the tour continues according to the standard program (2nd day: from Mount Putia to Puez).

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Starting at the end of June until October



Do you want to reserve one of our guided tours exclusively for you and your group of friends? Is your own crew so fun and delightful that you don’t need to add any strangers to the mix? Choose any tour that you like, contact us and remember to tell us how many people are in your group. We will send you a personalized quote based on the number of participants.

We inform you that it is possible to extend the tour on Alta Via #2 up to the Cereda Pass, adding 2 nights in a hut.

We recommend arriving in the Dolomites one/two days prior to your tour departure to acclimatize and adjust to the time change.


  • approx. 110 km
  • approx. 7.100 m
  • 11 stages


  • Organization of all the logistics which includes the bookings in all huts/hotels
  • 12 nights accommodation with Half Board (breakfast + dinner) in all hotels and huts
  • Detailed maps of your trekking
  • Briefing of the tour with a Holimites trail expert
  • All taxes
  • Special Holimites Souvenir


  • Beverages, and anything not mentioned under the heading "Included in the price"
  • Cancellation insurance


  • Each extra day: from 90,00 euro/person/day
  • Single room accommodation: +100,00 euro (only available in hotels and not in huts)
  • Mid season (August and September): + 75 euro/person
  • High season (July):  + 115,00 euro/person

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is some training necessary before participating in this trekking tour?
Yes, it is highly recommended. Sore legs, blisters, or other ailments related to walking after the first stage can possibly ruin the entire week for someone. The Alta Via 2 is suited for people that are already strong walkers that can manage treks with fully packed backpacks.
It is absolutely necessary to have some trekking experience on mountain trails and exposed sections. A good ability to read maps and use a compass is a must for self-guided tours.
Participating in a trekking group requires having to keep up a certain pace in order to finish the scheduled stages. If your legs are shutting down or your physical preparedness is constraining the rest of the group to slow down and making group compatibility problematic, your tour escort may decide you need to tone down, leaving the pack. Your alternatives in this case are:
a) to shuttle throughout the day on the service van, each day, to the next hut or
b) to take a shuttle 'bump up' to the last hotel, where you can finish your vacation doing some great day hikes.

Are there minimum skills requested?
It is absolutely necessary to have some trekking experience on mountain trails and exposed sections. A good ability to read maps and use a compass is a must. If you don’t feel confident with this minimum skills you can learn this on the guided trekking during the special week.

I have some issues with elevation, is that a problem?
The runs each day are between 1.500 and 2.300 meters altitude (between 4,900 and 7,500 feet). In addition, the huts for the overnight stays are above 2100 meters (6,600 feet) If you have trouble with high elevations,
please consult a doctor or medical professional for their expert opinion before booking this trip.

What happens in the case of bad weather?
Sir Alan Flemming once stated: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”. But, it’s surely possible that bad weather conditions may prohibit our planned tour in some cases. If this happens to
be the case, a phone call to our office from the hut you are staying at is all that’s needed. We will gladly reorganize all of the upcoming stages of your trekking tour so that you can arrive as planned at the end of the Alta Via; even if you have to take a 1 day break to allow weather conditions to clear up.


What specific clothing do you recommend?
We suggest you always carry a light hydration pack with a few layers such as a light insulation jacket, gloves and a hat. Also, keep in mind that the weather in the mountains can quickly change. If your offer includes baggage transfer, we suggest you to pack some warmer and comfortable clothing, which can be left in your bag that we will transfer for you from hut to hut.


I want do to a self-guided trekking. Are the trails well marked?
Yes, the trails are well marked, but it‘s important to pay attention and be sure to stay on the correct path. During the briefing a local trail expert will explain you every stage exactly.

The programs on the catalog don‘t match my expectations. Are there alternative offers?
On request, Holimites can customize a program for you. Is the tour too long or the stages to challenging? Do you prefer a different itinerary? Would you like to book some extra days to relax in the hotel or on a mountain hut? Just send us a request and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Should I expect to climb a Via Ferrata?
Our standard programs don't include a Via Ferrata. But gladly we can organize one for you with a certified IFMGA-UIAGM Alpine Guide. There is the opportunity to do the Via Ferrata during a stage, or you can add an extra day at the beginning or at the end of your tour.

Overnight stay on the mountain huts...
You will be surprised of how lovely our mountain huts are. However, they have to be considered a rifugio in the mountains and not a hotel. So you won’t find all the luxury features you find in the towns.
In the huts there are blankets and pillows. We suggest to bring sleeping bags inlay with you.
All hotels and huts are well informed about dietary restrictions, like gluten or lactose intolerance. Everywhere you will find a vegetarian or vegan alternative.
Not all huts accept credit cards, so we suggest to bring some cash with you, to pay for drinks, snacks or extras which are not included in the offer.

What about having lunch in the mountains?
For lunch you can stop in one of the huts to taste some traditional food, or you have the possibility to buy a lunch package in the hut where you overnight.


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