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General booking conditions holimites srl


  1. Definition of Tourist Packages

    With reference to article 2 n. 1 decree legislative n. 111 of the 17/3/95 of performance of direction 90/314 the EEC: the tourist packages refers to travel & vacations. The expression "All Included" comes from the prefixed combination of at least one of the two elements indicated; sold and offered to for a fixed price consisting of at least a duration superior to 24 hours, or another given period that extends for at least one night referring to services such as: transportation, lodging and other tourist services not related to transportation or lodging; unless of course they form a significant part of the "Package Deal".

  2. Application Field

    It is understood that a contract of a Tourist Package Deal is influenced apart from the present general conditions, but also from the conditions and clauses indicated in the documentation given to the end consumer. The same contract is also subject to the law n. 1084 of Brussels the 23/04/1970 in addition to the above mentioned Decree Legislative 111/95. These conditions are not applied to contracts having only one object of the above mentioned elements.

  3. Registrations

    The confirmations must be in writing (not verbal). In order for the registrations to be valid, the organizing party must send a written confirmation to the registrant.

  4. Payment Terms

    The moment a client wishes to confirm a given service, he or she must pay the amount requested prior to the expiration of the single package option period. The lack of observance of these conditions on behalf of the customer, involved agencies and/or retailers, authorizes the organizing party to cancel the reservation even if previously confirmed in writing. Relative penalties will also be applied to the appropriate party held responsible.

  5. Prices Quoted During a Transaction

    Price quotations may vary up until 30 days prior to the date of arrival, therefore any variations in the rate of exchange or any tariffs for services may be made if necessary. However, if the increase of the total price exceeds 10%, the customer has the ability to nullify the contract by giving a written termination letter to Holimites Srl by click2book within two working days of receipt of the relative communication; otherwise it is understood without comment by both parties that the increase has been accepted and agreed upon by the client.

  6. Cancellations

    If a customer and/or agency cancels a confirmed service within 45 days of the arrival date of an individual or group, he/she/they must pay the reimbursement of the relative sum in accordance to the specific guidelines of the particular package or service purchased.

  7. Claims, Controversies and Legal Actions

    If there are serious reasons for complaint during a customer’s stay, the tour operator and/or the customer should get in touch with Holimites Srl as quickly as possible. Holimites Srl commits to do all in its power to make any necessary changes for the customer in order to ensure and restore customer satisfaction as promptly as possible.

  8. Cancellation on Behalf of the Organizer

    If for some unforeseen reason the hotel confirmed by the Organizing party is not available at the agreed arrival time, it shall be the responsibility of the organizer to find a replacement hotel of equal or superior quality and value in a reasonable amount of time.

  9. Responsibilities

    Holimites Srl is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury to customers or their property during their travel or stay (lesions, anomalies, theft, etc.). Holimites Srl does not hold itself responsible for any loss of the customer including his/her ability to enjoy booked and paid services or interruption of their vacations owing to imputable reasons such as: disease, bad weather, strikes, etc. The responsibilities of Holimites Srl in its qualities as organizer, is underlined and regulated from the laws and the international conventions in vigor, and from the norms of the directive EEC 314/90 in Italy with D.L. 111/95, from the modification and 1929 Convention of Warsaw successive, and from the Convention of Paris of 1962.

  10. The Responsible Authority

    All controversies and/or discrepancies shall be resolved according to the "Foro of Bolzano".